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Tuk Tuk."

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About Kim

Kim is a single mother of two young children, one of whom has a hearing and speaking disability. Determined to provide for her children, she decided to go into business for herself. After receiving her driver's license, she negotiated a loan to purchase a Tuk Tuk carriage and motor bike. 

She started in Phenom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia. There, she struggled to get fares. In such a male-dominated profession, none of the locals trusted a female driver.

More determined than ever, Kim moved to Siem Reap, the tourist capital of Cambodia, where she believed the tourists would be more accepting of her.

Now, predominantly parked in front of the Shinta Mani Shack Boutique Resort in Siem Reap, Kim gets rave reviews for her careful driving and dependable service. She offers transfers and tours to all of the local attractions.